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Flojet Pumps Bottled Water Dispenser

The Flojet Bottled Water System BW-5000A for home and commercial  appliances is Eco-Friendly and up to up to 25% more energy efficient  than previous bottled water systems   The New and improved Bottled Water PLUS is part of Flojet's premium  water dispensing product line. 

Flojet BevJet Compact Beverage Dispense System

Flojet's New BevJet Compact Beverage Dispense System is designed for  dispensing water, wine, non-pulp juice, iced teas, alcohol <15% and  more. BevJet Compact is ideal for beverage dispensing applications  requiring frequent line changes, and flow rates from 0.8 to 1.0 GPM  ml/min. 

Flojet Water Pump Systems 12 Volts And 115 Volts

The Flojet 2840 12 Volt and 115 Volt Water Pump Systems provide water  pressure from 0 to 40 psi. The pump is automatic, inlet strainer,  pressure switch, and check valve, and supplies smooth flow from trickle  to full flow. Typical uses include applications where water pressure is  very low, and fluctuates widely.